Website filled with iPad resources

iPad Resources

10 Apps to help kids with Autism

12 Apps for storytelling on the iPad

Accessibility features for the iPad

Air Sketch - app that makes one's computer a whiteboard

Apps - make an app for your class

Best Practices for Mobile Devices - recommends apps in context of a lesson

Collecting, annotating, and redistributing student work using an iPad

Education Apps - organized by interest area

Education Apps Review - reviews education apps

Getting Started with iPad - tips and tricks

How do you want to use the iPad? Find ways here.

iMovie guide for the iPad - YouTube video on how functioning of iMovie app on iPad

Interesting Ways to Use an iPad in the Classroom - scroll down and see presentation on various ways to use iPad in the classroom

iOS app support from Apple

iPad Apps - list of 50 free and recommended apps for iPads

iPad Book - book about using iPad

iPad Resources - site filled with resources for everyone

iPads in the Classroom - resources from Kathy Schrock

iPodsibilities - resources for iPad (and iPod too)

Learning in Hand by Tony Vincent - resources for iPod Touches but recall that apps used on iPod Touches may be used on iPads

Literacy and Student Centered Learning - 20+ apps

Occupational Therapy and the iPad

PE and the iPad - list of app recommendations for PE

Show Me app in the classroom - ideas for using

Special Education Apps - grouped by needs or learning category

Tons of iPad Resources

Top 10 Sites for Educational Apps

Useful iPad Tips and Tricks

Bloom's Taxonomy and Apps

K-5 and Analyzing

K-5 and Applying

K-5 and Remembering

K-5 and Understanding

Apps for Bloom's Taxonomy - sorted by subject and level of Bloom's Taxonomy

Bloomin' iPad - apps for the iPad sorted by Bloom's Taxonomy from Kathy Schrock

Bloom's Apps - apps aligned with Bloom's Taxonomy

Teach with your iPad - Bloom's Taxonomy with Apps


Apple iCloud - what is it?

How to set up iCloud on all your devices

Touch Mouse Tip Sheet

Note - check out iPod page for apps as iPod apps work on iPad too