Curriculum-Based ITS Series (1-Day Workshops)

The Curriculum Based ITS Series is designed to provide teachers with technology resources that align with New York State Learning Standards to enhance their curriculum. The day will be spent exploring high quality Internet based resources on the workshops’ given content area focus and participant curricular needs.

Participants for all workshops will leave with a “hotlist” of quality websites, lesson plans, and other high quality multimedia resources that can be immediately integrated into their curriculum. The hotlist will either be created “online” or in a Word document depending upon on the needs of the individual participant.

Curriculum-Based ITS Series Agenda

1. Intro about creating a “hotlist” or online bookmarking
a. Diigo - social bookmarking, may join groups specific to needs
b. iKeepBookmarks - keep bookmarks in one place online
c. Word vs. Delicious Participants will be guided in creating framework for their list in Word or Delicious. (Both will be shown, participant chooses which one to use)

2. Standards
a. Common Core
- Engage NY - Our Students, Their Moment!
- NYSED Core Standards
b. Common Core and 21st Century Skills
- NETS for Students
- NETS for Teachers
d. NY State Learning Standards (before Common Core Learning Standards)
e. NYS Teaching Standards
f. Race to the Top - NY

3. Interactive Websites
a. CSLO staff will guide participants through the following websites.
i. NY Learns
ii. StudyZone - only good for NYS tests to include the Regents tests
iii. Internet4Classrooms
iv. Thinkfinity NY - only good for core subjects and Arts
v. Thinkfinity
vi. eMints eThemes
vii. Pete's PowerPoint Station - find PowerPoints and resources for 1700+ topics
viii. Other content specific Websites as provided by CSLO staff developers.
b. Participants will be given time to explore for material related to their curriculum and add this material to their hotlist.

4. Lunch Break

5. Multimedia
a. CSLO Staff will guide participants in the usage of the following sources for Multimedia
i. Copyright Friendly Resources - includes images and music
ii. iTunes U demo video
iii.neo K12 - educational videos for grades K-12
iv. Learn 360 - videos
v. Public domain images - Copyright friendly - public domain images.
vi. TeacherTube
b. Participants will be given time to explore multimedia related to their curriculum and add this material to their hotlist.

6. Participants will share one item from their hotlist that they plan on using in their curriculum within the next two weeks.

If Time Allows: Participants may feel free to ask CSLO staff developer for additional guidance on common applications such as MS Office, MovieMaker, and PhotoStory 3.