Disclaimer - None of these Websites listed here are intended to take the place of medical advice from one's physician. One should always check with one's own physician before starting any new diet or exercise regimen.

Take the tests below about one's own physical well-being status:

Hearthub - take the "my life check" test from the American Heart Association
RealAge - take the "RealAge" test from Dr. Oz

After one obtains the results from the tests about one's well-being above, one may check out the health and wellness resources below.

BMI Calculator - pick from a list of various items for health calculations
CDC(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) - nutrition, physical activity, and obesity information
Daily Burn - track what one eats, record workouts, has app for iPod and iPhone (incredible app for iPhone)
Fatburgr - lists nutrition facts for restaurants, has app for iPhone
Health Tutorials - interactive health education resources, view or listen to tutorials on various health topics
Hearthub - tools & resources for heart disease and stroke from the American Heart Association
Livestrong - health, fitness, and lifestyle from Lance Armstrong
MyPyramid.gov - steps to a healthier you
National Health Museum - archived articles about health issues
Spark People - may look at various health related issues and lifestyles, includes help with weight loss
WebMD - better information, better health