Body and Mind - information and activities about diseases, food and nutrition, physical activity, safety, life issues, and body development for 9-13 year olds

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - resources about nutrition, physical activity, and obesity

Food and Nutrition resources - kids health games and activities, food timeline (history of food development), and nutrition games and activities

Health - hotlist of health resources from MegaEd

Health and Nutrition - PowerPoint presentations and Websites about health and nutrition from Pete's PowerPoint Station

Health and PE Resources - contains both health and PE resources

Health, Fitness, and Safety - extensive resources about health, fitness, and safety

Health, Nutrition, and PE - health, nutrition, and PE Websites

Health Tutorials - interactive tutorials on various health topics to include prevention and wellness

Interactive Health Resources
- for grades K-2
- for grades 3-6
- for grades 7-12

It's Up to You - activities on healthy eating

My Pyramid - information and activities about eating right

NASPE - National Association for Sport and Physical Education, information for PE teachers

National Health Museum - resources about various health focus topics such as alcohol awareness month, dental health, diabetes, nutrition month, etc.

PE Central - Health and Physical Education resources

PE Lessons - activities for grades K-12

PE Lessons - list of physical education lesson plans

PE Links Page - list of Websites with resources for PE

PELINKS4U - various links for PE to include other Physical Education Departments from other schools

PE Resources - hotlist of resources from MegaEd

Pete's PowerPoint Station - PowerPoint presentations and Websites about health and physical education topics from Pete's PowerPoint Station

Teens Health - reliable health information for teens