Secrets and Tips!
Google Reader - shutting down in July 2013 - here are some alternatives
Make a Google account without Gmail

Google Apps
Google Apps for Education - set up an account for a school
Google Blogs - search for blogs
Google Books - search through books and magazines
Google Custom Search - make your own custom search
Google Earth - explore the Earth from your computer
- Google Earth tutorials
Google for Educators
Google Lit Trips - lessons designed using Google Earth
Google News - search through news articles, timeline feature, too
Google Reader - checks your favorite news sites and blogs for new content.
Google Scholar - search through scholarly papers
Google Search Features - improve your search experience
Google Sites - free and easy way to create and share Webpages
iGoogle - make your own Google homepage
Picasa 3 - find, edit, and share your photos

Examples of How to use Google in the classroom:
Classroom Posters
Google Apps for the Classroom
Google Classroom Activities
Google Goodies - Google Site on using Google Apps in the classroom
Google Groups: Submitted Lesson Plans
Google in Elementary School
How to Use Google Apps in the Classroom

Help with Google Apps
Google Docs - help and support with Google Docs
Kathy Schrock's Blog on Google Apps in Education
Screencasts of how to use various Google Apps