10 Top Sites for Images and Clipart from David Kapuler
Classroom Clipart - watermark must be kept on photo, if used on website must give credit back to Classroom Clipart
Clipart ETC - friendly license allows user to utilize up to 50 images for education purposes to include a website without further permission
Creative Commons - allows creator of something to decide its level of use by others
Free Foto - see rules of use for images taken from this site, rules of use depend on size of photo used from website
Pete's PowerPoint Station - free clipart, may be used on a Website or a in a classroom
Pics 4 Learning - site with images intended for use by teachers and students, may be used on a website
Public domain images - Copyright friendly - public domain images, free for any private or commercial use, credit or back link is not required

School Clipart - see rules of use for clipart on this website
Teacher Clipart - may be used for education purposes, remember to give credit back to www.teacherfiles.com

Copyright friendly music for the classroom:
Freeplay Music - NOT allowed to be broadcast such as on a classroom website but may be used for classroom assignments or presentations
Incompetech - MAY BE broadcast on a classroom website and used in classroom assignments or presentations