- Read and discuss students publishing in classroom
- Understand importance of Internet safety and copyright
- Explore different ways students can be authors of their learning
- Determine best application to use in own classroom
- Review learning standards and current writing program

21st Century Skills (4c's)
- Creativity and innovation
- Critical thinking and problem solving
- Communication
- Collaboration

What is a 21st century author?
- Students create own learning
- Students use different media such as audio, images, text, and video
- Students want an audience besides the teacher - now may be the world wide web
- Students use critical thinking skills

Student Assessment
- Learning Standards - NYS Learning Standards (to include Common Core)
- Rubrics - Rubistar

- Audacity - both PC and Mac
- Garage Band - Mac only
- Apps for Apple Devices
------iTalk Recorder
------Smart Recorder DE Lite

- Blogging examples
- Edmodo website
------Edmodo app for Apple Devices
Restriction for Edmodo: under 18 needs parental permission, read terms of use
- Edublogs - 10 ways to use an Edublog
------Edublog app for Apple Devices
- Kidblog website, under 13 needs someone 13 or older to make account such as teacher, read terms of use
------Kidblog app for Apple Devices
- Ways to use blog in classroom

- Possible uses for wikis
- Wikispaces website

Student Creations

- 4teachers.org - contains poster wizard and Rubistar

50+ Ways to Tell a Story - digital tools for telling a story

Glogster EDU
- Glogster EDU website
------Glogster app- view Glogs on Apple Devices
- no longer FREE, cost of Glogster EDU

Little Bird Tales
- upload or create your own artwork and record your voice
- Little Bird Tales app for Apple Devices

- may be used to publish a book
- price per book varies based on type of binding and number of pages

Make Beliefs Comix
- Make your own comic strip
- How to share: may print or email comic strip to self
- Story ideas
- Writer prompts

Read Write Think
- Student interactives for writing

Storybird for Teachers
- Storybird sign up page for teachers
- Use other people's art for inspiration to write

Story Starters from Scholastic - spin and create a story by grade level

Student Publishing
- online creation and editing of books, may also obtain a story creation kit to create within classroom and not online
- cost of published book depends on participation level, type of cover, and number of pages

Student Treasures
- free publishing kits mailed to students and free hard cover books mailed back to students
- need 80 kids to participate for free, otherwise a publishing kit is $6.95 plus $1.95 for shipping and handling

Zooburst - make 3-D books
- Restrictions: registrant must be 13 years of old and have a valid email address, FREE account may only make 10-10 page books
- Zooburst website
------Zooburst app for Apple Devices

Software on Computer (video file types)

- Mac - iPhoto, iMovie, or GarageBand
- PC - Movie Maker and Photostory 3
- Animationish - how to use and curriculum examples
- Inspiration - how to use and curriculum examples
- Kidspiration - tutorials and lesson plans
- Moo-O - website and Moo-O Retold
- Newsmaker - how to videos from YouTube